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Attention to all students on school break in April and May. This summer will be different!

This summer will be different!


           Songkran Festival promotes the beauty of Thai culture. Our young   students performed Thai Dance, flower and Hawaiian dance, games and a lot   more to attentive parents. We performed the water pouring ceremony in which   all staff, both international and local were involved. The water fight was really   fun, and it was a perfect ending to Term 2. SIH wishes you all a safe and happy   break and looks forward to seeing all the students in school on Monday 23rd   April for the start of term 3. 

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Secondary Plio Waterfall Educational Trip

           SIH secondary students had an educational visit to Ton Plio Waterfall on   the 4th April 2018. It was a cross-curricular trip to learn about Science,   Geography, and English, to improve teamwork and to have some fun whilst   there. 

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           Friday, 16th March we had an afternoon of problem-solving, leadership,   team playing, critical thinking and agility challenges. There were 9 challenges   each team took part in on a rotation basis. The event ends up with a messy   game were some parents also took part. Winners will be announced at the   Celebration Assembly. 

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SIH Songkran Festival 2018

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