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            Dear Parents,
            Welcome to the Primary section of Southern International School, Hatyai.
            As a newly established International School, we employ the best methods to help prepare your children for future education and the future world.

            We believe that children require a steady and consistent hand in developing their natural skills, and in growing to become engaged and responsible citizens of their world, a world that is ever-changing and challenging.

            To this end, we aim to provide an holistic education and socialization experience that adjusts to the different learning needs and skills of our varied and talented students. Students will learn through play, structured work, music, art, PE, interdisciplinary studies, as well as a consistent focus on literacy and numeracy.

            We believe in continual assessment of a student’s development and happiness; providing a nurturing environment best able to facilitate confidence and advancement for all students.

            We encourage parents to be regularly involved in their child’s education, knowing that the incorporation of school and home is essential to a well-rounded individual.

            We look forward to your family joining our community of learners in preparing the youth of today for the challenges of tomorrow.

            Kind regards,

Caitlin Olliver | Head of Primary

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