Step 1: Application Day

  1. Parents complete the application form and give it to the Admissions Officer, together with other required documents.
  2. Parents will be informed about the date for the Discovery Day*.
  3. Parents bring their child(ren) to the Admissions Office in the morning of the Discovery Day.
  4. The child(ren) will be assessed. The Admissions Officer will inform parents of the school’s decision.  If the application is accepted, the Admissions Officer will make an appointment to complete the registration procedures.

            * The Discovery Day period is 3 days. In special circumstances, the period will be extended for not more than 2 days as per agreement made by the Headteacher, and the Head of Primary or Secondary.

Registration Requirement

            Parents are required to complete the application form and provide the following documents:

  1. A copy of the student’s birth certificate.
  2. Four recent passport size photos of the student (size: approx. 4cm x 6cm with a light blue background).
  3. A copy of the student's latest school report (translated into English if necessary).
  4. A copy of student’s Thai ID card (if Thai national) or a copy of the student’s passport (if non-Thai national).
  5. A copy of both parents' Thai ID cards, or passports and house registration certificate.
  6. A copy of both parents' work permits (if relevant).
  7. A copy of both parents' visas (if relevant).
  8. A copy of the student’s house registration certificate.
  9. Other relevant documents as advised by the school.
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